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Tickless Mini

Tickless Mini

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Electronic tick repeller totally safe for your pets and your family, health and well being and the environment. Water resistant, lasts 12 months +, non toxic, efficient and convenient. Safe, natural protection against ticks, specially designed so that it sits close to the collar. No more devices dipping into water bowls. Excellent for cats!

TICKLESS Mini – The new generation of ultrasonic tick and flea repeller
Especially designed for small-sized pets

TICKLESS® Mini effectively protects your pet without chemicals. It is stronger and more effective than any ultrasonic repeller on the market today. Cutting edge design, with all-inclusive protection for even the smallest pets in the city or out. Oh, and it’s also rechargeable so you can protect your loved ones longer!

The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets, but interfere with the ability of the parasites to orient themselves, thus keeping them away from your pet. The operating range is approximately 2.5 metres. The device is primarily intended for preventive purposes.

Eco-friendly, chemical- and fragrance free, perfectly safe to use even for young, elderly, ill, or pregnant pets. Due to the latest field study we can conclude that the device is 94% efficient against ticks without using any dangerous chemicals!

TICKLESS® technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the School of Veterinary Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory at the University of Camerino, Italy.

Special Features

    • 94% efficiency against ticks without using any chemicals

    • rechargeable

    • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no odours. Safe for chemical sensitive pets and owners.

    • especially designed for small-sized pets

    • 2.5 m range

    • nightlight function for visible comfort at night

    • Repels ticks for up to 1 year.

    • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no odours. Safe for chemical sensitive pets and owners.

    • Totally safe for you, the environment your family and pets.

    • In areas of severe tick infestation, the device may not be able to provide 100% protection.

    • Safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and older pets.

    • Convenient small collar attachment.

    • Can be helpful in preventing fleas.

    • Fully guaranteed against any mechanical failure or malfunction for a period of 3 months from date of purchase.

    • For personal use visit Mitey Tick Off For You.

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