Mitey Tick Off For You FAQ

Will this device give me the freedom to enjoy my garden again?

Yes it will, wear light coloured clothes and a broad rim hat. When coming inside, keep the device on for an additional 15 minutes as ticks sometimes take a while to jump off. Remove clothing and place in washing or dryer. Check yourself thoroughly by running your fingers through your hair, and checking your arms and legs for any ticks.

What is the range of protection?

Three metres around your body.

How does it work?

The device emits high frequency sound waves (ultrasonic pulses) inaudible to us as well as your pets and other animals.

Can my dog or cat hear it?

Dogs can hear around 27,500 hz and cats hear around 30,000 hz while the device operates around 40,000 hz, so this device is inaudible to dogs as well as other pets.

How does the device affect ticks?

The constant sound waves hit their bodies repelling them from their host. For the ticks, it is like when you are in a room with loud music, so loud all you want to is move away from it. The ticks may wander around on the skin, as if in a drunken state, for a while before jumping off. The device prevents ticks from digging themselves into the skin.

Has it been proven for paralysis ticks in Australia?

Mitey Shield carried out independent trials along the Northern Beaches of Sydney during 2004-2005 with positive feedback. It was found to be effective against grass and paralysis ticks. Keep in mind that no product is 100% effective.

How do you tell if it is working?

When you remove the tag for the first time, the Red LED light will flash 5 times indicating that the device is functioning. To turn off press the button and the Red LED light will light up continuously for 4 seconds. The device will now be deactivated.

Where is the best position on the body to wear it?

Wear it around your neck on a lanyard so that it hangs in the middle of your chest. The holes on the device should be facing away from your body. You can also clip it to your collar lapel or attach it to the outside of your pocket. Do not keep it in your pocket.

I only need to use the device on the weekends. Are you able to turn it off?

When not in use, press the grey button. The Red LED light flashes once the device is now deactivated. If however you forget, do not fret as the device will switch off automatically after 8 hours.

My children get ticks when they go to school.

Attach device with Velcro to belt or pocket.

Sometimes I bring ticks in on the washing, what can be done?

Hang the device on the clothes line just prior to hanging out the washing. Bring the dry washing in with the device in the washing and keep it there for at least 15 minutes. Alternatively, place washing into hot dryer for 15 to minutes.

My device was fantastic for a couple months, then I started to find a tick or two. Why is this so?

Remember to check that the device is switched on while in use, as it switches off automatically after 8 hours. If you still find ticks, the battery may have ceased working. Please contact your point of purchase for exchange within 3 months from purchase.

Will I definitely have no ticks at all?

Effectiveness may be different for some people. It is recommended that you still thoroughly check yourself for ticks. Keep in mind that no product on the market is 100% effective.

When the device has expired - do we replace battery or purchase a new device?

Purchase a new device. This will ensure the device has the correct battery and prevents small components from being lost. Please do NOT try to open the device yourself.

It would be expensive to have one for every member of the family, as we all enjoy the outdoors.

Keep device on hand by hanging on a hook near the door, for everyone to share.

If I use the device on weekends only, how long can I expect it to last for?

If you deactivate when not in use, it can last up to 24 months (2 years), while if you use it every day, up to 12 months (1 year).

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