SKUDO for Cats and Small Dogs FAQ

How is SKUDO different form Mitey Tick Off for Pets?

SKUDO is smaller than Mitey Tick Off for Pets and more suitable for cats and small dogs, including puppies and kittens.

What is the range of protection?

1.5 metres around your cat or small dog’s body.

How does it work?

The device emits high frequency sound waves (ultrasonic pulses) inaudible to us as well as your pets and other animals.

Can my dog or cat hear it?

Dogs can hear around 27,500 hz and cats hear around 30,000 hz while the device operates around 40,000 hz, so this device is inaudible to dogs as well as other pets.

How does the device affect ticks?

The constant sound waves hit their bodies repelling them from their host. For the ticks, it is like when you are in a room with loud music, so loud all you want to is move away from it. The ticks may wander around on the fur, as if in a drunken state, for a while before jumping off. The device prevents ticks from digging themselves into the skin.

Has it been proven to work against paralysis ticks?

It has been proven in Italian and South American universities to work against ticks. However, there have been no university studies conducted in Australia. We have relied on independent trials and through people using the products and providing feedback as to how it works for them.

Is it safe to use on cats, puppies and kittens, pregnant or elderly pets?

Yes. The SKUDO is best for cats and small dogs, including puppies and kittens. Check out the Mitey Tick Off for Pets for medium to large dogs.

Can I turn the device off when my cat or dog is sleeping or take it off him?

The device works 24/7. It is recommended that you keep the device on your pet all the time, as ticks sometimes take a while to jump off their host.

How do I know if it’s working?

Diagonally right from the speaker on the front of the device is a small hole. Use a paperclip to press into this hole to check if it’s working. A red LED light should flash; this indicates the device is working. Keep in mind that pressing the button discharges the battery. It is recommended to check by pressing the small hole once a week maximum.

Is it safe to take my dogs into the water while they are wearing the device?

The device is fresh water resistant and needs to be dried properly after exposure. It is important to keep device away from salt water, as this may cause the device to stop working. Take the device off your dog when he goes swimming. If accidentally immersed in salt water, rinse under fresh water as soon as possible. Dry the device immediately. Keep in mind that our warranty only covers malfunction under normal conditions.

How do I attach the device to my pet’s collar properly?

Attach the device to the supplied split ring. Thread the split ring through the collar and hang the device so the small holes are facing your pet’s fur. DO NOT hang the device from more than one ring, as this makes the device dangle too far down and it will be less effective. It may also dangle into your pet’s food/water which will compromise its ability to work. Keep in mind that our warranty only covers malfunction under normal conditions.

I’ve found less ticks than usual, but still the occasional tick. Is this normal?

No tick product is 100% effective. We recommend using more than one method of protection during the peak tick season (Spring-Summer).

It has been less than 3 months since I bought the device and it has stopped working. How can I get a replacement?

First contact the shop that you bought it from, or call us on 0432 438 112. If you still have the receipt, you are entitled to a replacement as long as the device was used under normal conditions.

Does this device work against fleas too?

No, it has been tested against fleas and found it is not as effective as we would like it to be. Some people love it while others find it not to be as good as they hoped. It is recommended to regularly clean pets’ bedding, area around bedding and under house, and check for fleas as they remain dormant during inhospitable conditions. Some people have found it worked if used in the beginning of the flea season, however we do not market this device as a flea product.

It’s been almost 6 months and the device has stopped working, is this normal?

Yes, the device’s expected life span is 6 months plus.

When the device has expired - do we replace battery or purchase a new device?

Purchase a new device. This will ensure the device has the correct battery and prevents small components from being lost. Please do NOT try to open the device yourself.

Does this product work in conjunction with other anti-tick products?

Yes, we recommend using other tick prevention products in conjunction with the SKUDO for better protection of your pets.

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