What are Ticks?

For us pet lovers, nothing can beat the warmth drawn from stroking our pet cat or dog. But what would you do if you find a tick sucking blood from your beloved pet? Which will lead you wondering, how these pesky little pests were able to get to your pet when you have given the latter your utmost care. And because you want your pet to be tick-free forever, your best weapon is in knowing what you’re actually dealing with.

So what are ticks? They are parasites, no less. Hence, they take their food from the host to which they are attached to without giving back any benefit at all. In fact, it can cause severe health problems to your pet which could ultimately lead to death.

Ticks are considered to be an international pest for all pet owners and sometimes, even for people since ticks also feast on human beings. They usually propagate by means of the transmitted eggs that are laid by mature female ticks on new hosts. When your pet brushes on a tick-infested animal, there is a great chance that he will also become infested. This is usually how ticks multiply, by passing through a number of hosts who are interrelated.


The tick’s only diet is blood, especially from warm-blooded animals like you and your pet. This means that anything with blood is susceptible to these little bloodsuckers and their accompanying threats. They also breed very fast and in volume. A single tick can lay a thousand eggs in a year’s span. Therefore, an undetected case of ticks can become a big problem if left untreated for a period of time. It is very important for owners to check their pets regularly for ticks and other parasites.

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