Where are Fleas found?

Here are some of the usual places you can find Fleas


Fleas love to nest while inside the home. These tiny pests lay their eggs from the infected animal living inside your house. Once they succeeded to lay their eggs, these will fall onto floors, carpets and furniture. These eggs will hatch into larvae that hide deep inside the crevices of your home in order to stay away from the light. The infestation of these fleas will only be noticed when it is severe, which is considered as an indoor infestation.


Fleas can also be found in parks and yards where they can hide around the shrubs and grasses. This is one of their favorite hiding places where they start to infect pets for a blood meal.


One of the best places for flea larvae to develop into adults is the gravel and damp sandboxes found under the house.


Fleas enjoy hanging out in the under-brush of any wooded place where they can stay on the tips of tall weeds and grasses. They normally wait for victims to pass by where they can latch they eggs.


The most common hideout of fleas is furry animals. This is also the usual place where people can find these little bloodsuckers. One good reason is that the fur covers the light and the animal becomes their host or food source.

Fleas can be found anywhere and very hard to notice until they are severely infesting the host. There are still many other places where fleas can reside and it is better to treat the affected animal as soon as possible to prevent further infestation.


If you suspect your pet has fleas, treat your house and garden as well as your pets to avoid a plague getting any worse. Include the pet’s bedding, carpets inside the house, and grassy areas outside.


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