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Carlo Pontificale is the inventor of Skudo, now known as Mitey Tick Off for Pets, and he tells of his amazing journey.

“It all began in 1993 after a walk with my terrier, Asco in the hills near Frankfurt. I discovered to my dismay that Asco had become infested with ticks.

I immediately treated my dog’s coat with a chemical based product, but not only did this fail to remove all the parasites, Asco was intolerant to the chemical cocktail in the product and become ill. The only option left to me was to remove the remaining ticks by hand.

Hearing the yelps of poor Asco as I removed each tick gave me the resolve to find a better solution, not just for my pet, but for pets and their owners everywhere.

I read an article in the American Scientist Magazine about the effects of ultrasound on insects and parasites and contacted the Biological Institute of the University in Milan to enlist their help in carrying out a series of tests using an ultrasound generator system which would repel ticks and fleas.

With the help of the scientists at the University we quickly developed a working prototype battery powered ultrasound generator, which was about the size of a packet of cigarettes. The device was thoroughly tested on dogs using appropriate controls and protocol. At their conclusion, the tests verified the effectiveness of the ultrasound device as a deterrent to ticks and fleas.

The tests also demonstrated that the device was completely harmless to the pets and that the ultrasound emissions were undetectable by either animals or humans.

The results convinced me to improve the electronics and create a smaller device which could be easily and safely attached to a dog or cat collar.

Today, the device protects dogs and cats around the world.

I am proud that Mitey Shield Australia has continued my amazing journey by providing Mitey Tick Off for You. Now you can obtain the same protection against ticks for your loved ones that Skudo and Mitey Tick Off for Pets offers. I am gratified that my vision has become a reality.”

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