Protecting your family and pets from ticks and fleas


Ticks are not just annoying! They can cause a myriad of problems – biting, scratching, bald spots, skin and allergic reactions, infections, infestations and even death and Lyme disease, a danger to your pets’ health, and to you and your family.

If ticks are a problem for you and your customers … or causing various adverse effects on the health of their pets or themselves, Mitey Shield can show you how to be protected with a safe, natural protection range of products.

Mitey Shield – your customers’ pets and family will just love you for this!

Mitey Shield, one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of ethical, safe and ecologically sound consumer pest control products, are passionate about protecting your customers and their family’s health, and supporting the environment.


Your family and pets will love you for this! Mitey Shield

wholesales products to retailers to help keep their customers’ pets and families safe.


Here are 6 reasons why you should use Mitey Shield:

Mitey Shield offers you a comprehensive pest management product range for your pets and family, protecting your pets, family and local environment.We’re called Mitey Shield because strength, protection and safety. Mitey Shield offers you a comprehensive range of products designed to minimise and protect you from a distinctive range of pests.We are the Australian wholesalers providing an opportunity for retailers to generate more business for their business.We know and understand that every retailer and their staff is different. We’re committed to ensuring that your product sales keep working for you and your business.Mitey Shield approach is to provide chemical and odour free, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable products consistent with the recommendation of major Australian and International health and environmental opinion leaders.


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Pets – ultrasonic tick repellers for pets

People – ultrasonic tick repellers for people

Safe – safe, non toxic, chemical free pest control products

Wholesale – wholesale to pet shops and groomers, produce stores, garden nurseries and supplies, pharmacies, health food stores, web based pet businesses and international pet care distributors

Bulk – bulk orders to councils, utilities, bush regen groups and work teams in tick infested regions

Mitey Shield wholesales products to retailers to help keep their customers’ pets and families safe …!

Don’t let ticks or other nasty creatures share your home. At last you and your family can be protected from the annoyance and inconvenience they cause.

At Mitey Shield we provide you with quality products which parasites find annoying, but is absolutely safe for animals and people. Why not call us now and allow us to get you started and help your customers and community.

Pets – ultrasonic tick repellers for pets

People – ultrasonic tick repellers for people

Safe – safe, non toxic, chemical free pest control products

  • Since my dog Tali has been wearing Mitey Tick Off for Pets, I have noticed a significant difference in the number of fleas on her, or should I say that are not on her.”

    Mrs Michelle W. Terrey Hills,NSW

  • “The fact I do not have to resort to using strong chemicals on my dog to safeguard him against ticks is very exciting, plus the whole family benefits by not being in contact with strong chemicals”

    Mrs Susi T. Cromer,NSW

  • “After experience a tick bite, 10/04, I had an allergic reaction and passed out. Before this experience I had numerous tick bites over 16 years living in Newport and Avalon. Since wearing this device, I now have the confidence to go back into my yard again”

    Mrs Vicki W. Avalon,NSW

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